Behaviour Support and Consultations

Choose the combination of services that meet your requirements.

Standard Behaviour Consultation

Following an initial telephone conversation you will be invited to submit two assessment forms, intended to gather detailed information about your home situation and your key concerns. This information will form the basis of your behaviour consultation.  An appointment will then be made to meet in person (or by electronic means if more appropriate). This appointment will last 1½ – 2 hrs and is an opportunity to discuss your concerns more fully, meet your dog and assess their behaviour. It may include a visit to your premises and a walk, depending on the nature of the issues to be addressed.

Following this appointment you will be sent a summary report accompanied by a Behaviour Management Plan. This will set out the steps recommended to begin to address the issues raised, following a force-free approach to changing and managing your dog’s behaviour.

Behaviour Support Package

As above, plus 3 in-person follow-up appointments to be taken at your convenience, to provide ongoing support in reaching your goals for your dog.

Follow up appointments

These can be in-person, lasting 1 hour, or by telephone/Zoom call, lasting 30 minutes.  The follow appointment will review your progress, offer advice on any problems you have encountered and if appropriate offer further steps to take towards your goals.

Social Skills for Happy Hounds

Targeted interventions aimed at helping greyhounds integrate into family life, as individual behaviour training and support sessions lasting one hour. We will explore your concerns and I will offer advice on how to move forwards. Typically at least two sessions are needed; the first session may be taken up with discussing the background to your situation in detail and looking at interim measures, with a further session required to consider behaviour modification techniques. These can take the form of a walk or a visit to your house/garden, or be conducted at a distance via Zoom or a phone call. You can book individual sessions as and when you need them, or a series of appointments to give ongoing support.

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