Working online really works!

Social Skills for Happy Hounds uses online support to provide a programme that meets your needs

Online support can work for any behavioural issue; I don’t necessarily need to see the actual behaviour in person in order to help you. It can be especially helpful for dogs who are fearful and reactive, scared of strangers or who suffer separation anxiety, where an in-person visit may not even be possible.

Benefits of online support

  • Choose the best person rather than the local person
  • More flexible appointment times
  • Schedule 1:1 consultations via Zoom or telephone
  • Learn about dog behaviour with online presentations and discussions
  • Receive support materials in PDF or video format
  • Optional Private Facebook Group where you can
    • Share videos of you and your dog for feedback
    • Share updates on your progress
    • Ask for help if issues arise

Sometimes online support is actually better!

  • No need to travel to appointments
  • Practise in your own home or local area, where your dog needs to feel comfortable and the training needs to work
  • No need to introduce your dog to strange people or places

Instead of having to remember everything in a face-to-face session, you can go over the materials again later in your own time.  You will receive a summary of key action points and a workbook where you might like to keep notes for your next session.

Face-to-face support is available too if that’s what your situation needs – that’s the beauty of a flexible programme!

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