About me


My interest in animal behaviour goes back to my youth, but more recently I have been blessed to share my home with a succession of greyhounds who have taught me so much. I currently live with five retired racing greyhounds, one of whom is a life foster for Greyhound Trust Hall Green. You can read more about Gandalf’s story here.

Over the last 17 years I have had first hand experience of many of the problems that can beset retired racing greyhounds when they move on to a new home. I currently put that experience to good use as a volunteer at Greyhound Trust Hall Green, where I am Welfare Co-ordinator at the Stourbridge kennels. In this role I look after the hounds’ welfare and behavioural needs. This includes routine healthcare and supporting dogs who are nervous or reactive.

To complement my hands-on experience, I have studied Canine Behaviour to degree level, with the ISCP Advanced Diploma Level 6. In addition to this, I hold certificates in UK Dog Law and Canine First Aid. I am currently studying Animal Centred Education (ACE), a technique developed by Sarah Fisher to combine Freework with TTouch techniques. These techniques are especially helpful with fearful dogs or reactive dogs, encouraging them to relax and engage with the owner. They can also be used to develop behaviours such as recall and loose lead walking. These techniques form the basis of my approach to behaviour management for dogs.

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