Code of Conduct

The services of JWCC are underpinned by the intention to do no harm.  To support this aim, JWCC will

  • combine positive training methods with an understanding of natural dog behaviour to educate owners in helping their dogs to fulfil their potential to life a happy life
  • treat all clients and their dogs with respect, compassion and understanding
  • use only force-free, fear-free methods in working with dog
  • conduct myself honestly, professionally and compassionately at all times
  • continue to build additional skills and knowledge in the field of canine behaviour
  • maintain client confidentiality and adhere to the requirements of the  General Data Protection Regulation 2018 at all times
  • consider the health and safety of myself and my clients in my work and observe my responsibilities to the general public, maintaining current public liability and professional indemnity insurance
  • be respectful of other professionals of all kinds
  • recognise my limits as a canine behaviourist and where necessary seek external advice or refer clients to another professional more able to help with their problems

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Trainer and Behaviourist COVID19 Certificate from Think Dog Ltd completed June 2020.  I have risk assessed the services offered and aim to stay up to date with relevant guidance issued by the UK Government and the Canine and Feline Support Group. The following measures are in place to minimise the risks as far as possible:

  • Appointments will only proceed if all parties have been symptom free for the last 48 hours and have followed government guidelines regarding self-isolation, etc.
  • Appointments conducted outdoors or in a well-ventilated indoor space
  • All equipment used will be supplied by JWCC and disinfected after each appointment
  • Coveralls worn for care appointments to minimise transfer from clothing onto the client’s dog
  • Mask worn during care appointments and if it is necessary to be less than 2m from the client or their dog (“1m+” guidance)
  • Hand sanitiser used before and after handling each dog, or gloves worn where possible
  • Any waste generated will be tied in a plastic bag for disposal
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